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History Of Filigree:
Filigree is a silver working art that consists of combining thin silver wires.

The same optical effect in filigree, which consists of grains or spheres obtained from a gold or silver wire or plate, with a special tool, can be achieved by braiding 2 or more wires of the same thickness. The welding of these spheres, respectively, is called granulation and was brought to the highest level by the Etruscans.

Filigree is a process done entirely by hand. For this purpose, the wires are shaped around themselves in ovals, rounds, etc. They are wrapped by forming shapes.

This type of transaction is very old, dating back to 3000 BC. It emerged in the Middle East. It has found wide application areas from time to time. It was used in Sicily and Venice during the Baroque period of the Middle Ages, between the late 800s and early 900s.

The art of filigree, which is especially famous in the Mardin region, is also represented by 80 to 120 workshops in Beypazarı, a district of Ankara.

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